Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Manshera-A Beautiful Place

Manshera is a tourists spot in Khyber PukhtunKhwa(KPK) Pakistan.Thousands of people visit this area in summer due to its beautiful attractions.It is very near to Abbottabad city. It is a major stop for tourists on the Karakoram Highway which leads to China.Alexander the Great conquered and established his rule over a large part of northern India, including the Mansehra area. In the year 327 B.C. Alexander handed the area over to the Indian king Abisares.
During British rule, Mansehra was still a village; its population according to the 1901 census was 5,087.During the British period Mansehra was the headquarters of Mansehra Tehsil, then a subdivision of Hazara District.
It is a historical place also because it was under british rule.When the Muslim League in Pakistan started its movement for a separate land, the local people joined and struggled for liberation under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam. Their eventual victory culminated in the creation of Pakistan, an independent state for the Muslims of the sub-continent.It is a very beautiful spot to visit & also a paradise for tourists.


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